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ICBC Driver Licensing Surrey BC

MELT-1 Theory and Practical

MELT for class 1 driver’s licence applicants is a prerequisite for all ICBC class 1 road testing. BC’s program will include best practices from other Canadian jurisdictions, and emphasize safe operating practices for mountainous geography and diverse driving conditions to ensure commercial drivers are prepared for BC’s highway network and the changing weather patterns encountered […]

Surrey Driving Lessons

Single Lesson Program

The Single Lesson Program is a flexible 90-minute driving lesson that is designed to help students gain valuable experience driving outside of their daily surroundings, highways, and nearby cities. We give one on one training taught by experienced and certified instructors who will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be a […]

Road Test Program

Road Test Preparation Program

The Road Test Preparation Program is designed for students who are ready for their ICBC Road Test. The program is designed to help students pass their road test and become a safe and confident driver. The program includes the following: Vehicle Rental: Students will be provided with a vehicle that meets all ICBC standards. Warm-up […]

Class 4 Restricted Program

Class 4 Restricted Program

Apex Driving School understands that transporting others demands unwavering dedication and a profound sense of responsibility, commitment, and safety. Recognizing the importance of meeting and surpassing these expectations, we offer specialized training programs tailored to the specific licensing requirements set by ICBC. With our class 4 restricted, one-on-one training programs, we strive to equip drivers […]

Advance Program

Advance Program

An advanced driving program offers a comprehensive and specialized approach to driver education, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals who have already obtained their basic driving license. This program goes beyond the fundamentals taught in standard driving schools, focusing on advanced techniques, defensive driving strategies, and situational awareness. Participants in an advanced […]

Basic Program

Basic Program

Whether you’re a novice driver eager to enhance your skills and knowledge or a seasoned driver seeking to fine-tune your techniques and get ready for a road test, our Basic Program offers comprehensive driver education at an affordable rate! $250.00   Course Details Package Format Duration Cost Basic Package In Vehicle 5 Hours CAD $250 […]

Graduated Licensing Program

Graduated Licensing Program (GLP)

The Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is a system that helps new drivers gain experience and develop safe driving habits. The GLP was introduced in British Columbia in 1998 and has been shown to be effective in reducing the number of traffic crashes involving young drivers. The GLP has three stages: Learner’s Permit: In the learner’s […]