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Our Services

Graduated Licensing Program (GLP)

The Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) is a system that helps new drivers gain experience and develop safe driving habits. The GLP was introduced in British Columbia in 1998 and has been shown to be ef

Basic Program

Whether you’re a novice driver eager to enhance your skills and knowledge or a seasoned driver seeking to fine-tune your techniques and get ready for a road test, our Basic Program offers compre

Advance Program

An advanced driving program offers a comprehensive and specialized approach to driver education, designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals who have already obtained their basic drivi

Class 4 Restricted Program

Apex Driving School understands that transporting others demands unwavering dedication and a profound sense of responsibility, commitment, and safety. Recognizing the importance of meeting and surpass

Road Test Preparation Program

The Road Test Preparation Program is designed for students who are ready for their ICBC Road Test. The program is designed to help students pass their road test and become a safe and confident driver.

Single Lesson Program

The Single Lesson Program is a flexible 90-minute driving lesson that is designed to help students gain valuable experience driving outside of their daily surroundings, highways, and nearby cities. We